Searching for a quality used pool table can be a hassle, but we are here to help! Use the following guidelines to help narrow your search. Feel free to send a message if you'd like more help.

Pool tables with a slate surface are engineered to support 500 lbs or more of slate, but the cheaper brands design their tables at the minimum of engineering specs which will cause issues with durability as well as overall quality of play. The following brands are recommended pool tables that are popular in the pre-owned market; AE Schmidt, AMF Playmaster, Brunswick, CL Bailey, Connelly, Diamond, Kasson, Olhausen, Presidential Billiards.

We will gladly give you our opinion on any pre-owned pool table that you are looking to purchase.

Almost all furniture style "home" pool tables have 3 pieces of slate. There are some single piece slate tables but they are not common. All 3-piece slate pool tables MUST be disassembled prior to moving!!!  We completely disassemble 3-piece slate pool tables for you, provide transportation, and professionally install at your location. Click here for a free quote!

There are many China made pool tables both new online and the pre-owned market. These tables will have a slate surface but are not as true as Italian or Brazilian slate. Furthermore, the wood in these tables is extremely soft, the finish scratches and flakes off easily, rails and pockets may not align perfectly, and the hardware is made of softer metal. A major issue with these tables is the frame will sag over time under the weight of the slate, causing an un-level table that can't be easily corrected and slate seams that will shift.

Quality American made pool tables will last generations while Chinese made pool tables will not. Shady retailers will sell China made pool tables under their own name and call them "custom" pool tables, even going so far as to have a nameplate made with their business name or logo.

We have seen thousands of used pool tables that were originally installed from other installers with a myriad of problems. While most issues can be easily corrected, there are some that cannot. 

Non-slate pool tables will never be perfectly level and some are not designed to be able to replace the felt once it's bad from wear and age. These tables are advertised with a playing surface called Accuslate, Slatron, or something similar.

We do NOT sell or service non-slate pool tables.

It is usually best to avoid tables that have been in a garage/non-climate controlled storage for an extended period. We will be happy to assist you over the phone with issues to look for, or schedule a time to check it out.

When looking at a used pool table be sure to check the cushions for proper rebound. Bounce a pool ball off each cushion in several spots. You will be able to see how "lively" or "dead" each cushion rebounds, while also hearing an audible thud if the cushion is dead. Additionally, you can also place your hand over the rails and squeeze the cushions. A good cushion will be firm and "give" just a little then go right back into place before you even realize it. A dead cushion is usually rock hard and won't squeeze at all, or they can be super soft and expand back out like memory foam after being squeezed. Cushion replacement is a time consuming task and will add to the overall expense, while also requiring a complete re-felt.

Our Level Guarantee applies to most pre-owned pool tables.

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