Our Level Guarantee

The Pool Table Pro guarantees your table will stay level, or we will fix it at no charge!

Applies to our new C.L. Bailey and Presidential Billiards pool tables, plus most pre-owned pool tables.

*See below for pool tables not covered under our warranty.

The steps below details our meticulous process to ensure a perfectly level pool table.

Step 1: The frame must be leveled under the legs once it is situated in your room for optimal cue clearance, before the slate is ever placed on top. Practically no floor is ever perfectly level. Floor type is not an issue at all, we can perfectly level pool tables on carpet, laminate, tile, etc.

Rugs are a personal preference and do not hinder our ability to properly level a pool table.

Step 2: Slate is squared to the frame and screwed down to ensure an accurate reading of the level. Then the level must be placed on each piece of slate all around the table to determine where to start the leveling procedure. Pool table frames are almost never perfectly flat so there must be adjustments made under the slate to fine tune the level to perfection. 

Step 3: Most all installers will use wedges to quickly level under the slate, if they even level at all! We take the time and use fully compressed flat shims that will stay put and never back out like wedges.

Step 4: Slate seams must be smoothed by touch during the slate leveling process. Then we apply beeswax to ensure a smooth and consistent ball roll.

Many installers will use either Bondo or plaster which allows them to cheat the slate seams and build up a bridge of putty that will ultimately crack and leave fragments under the felt which will feel like a mountain to pool balls, wear through your felt, plus also leave the level in serious question along the seams.

Often, on pre-owned pool tables, we come across stripped screws, bolts, etc. We replace any hardware that isn't up to our standards.

It should be noted that pool ball and felt quality also play a part in proper pool play.

We use only the best felt available, Championship and Simonis, as well as offer Aramith pool balls to ensure you are getting nothing but the best for your investment!

*Most China made pool tables will not be covered due to softer wood and resulting sag from the weight of the slate. Golden West, American Heritage, Champs "custom" pool tables, Legacy and a few other brands are also not covered. Contact us for questions.

Our Level Guarantee applies to basement, main and upper levels in residential and commercial properties.

We guarantee our workmanship as long as the table remains in the same spot we leave it, and nobody attempts to lift, move, or stand on it. 

Does not apply to mobile or modular homes.