We disassemble the pool table, transport and professionally re-install at a new location. Our Level Guarantee applies here to most pre-owned pool tables.

If needed, this is a good time to replace the felt, pockets or rubber cushions (bumpers).

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We come to you and professionally replace your old bed and rail felt with Championship Invitational felt with Teflon or either Championship Tour Edition or Simonis speed felt.

Smoothing the slate seams with fresh bees wax included, as well as any minor leveling that needs attention.

Color charts here

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Whether you have disassembled and moved your own pool table, moved here from out of town and brought a pool table with you, or purchased one online that was shipped directly to you, we will come to you and professionally install your pool table. Our Level Guarantee applies here for most new online pool tables as well as most pre-owned tables.

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We will come and disassemble your pool table for those that need new flooring, moving out of town, or simply need it stored.  

We can also safely store your pool table if you don't have the space.

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Pool tables can come out of level for multiple reasons, or was never installed properly to begin with. Sometimes a table simply needs some shims added under a leg or the table needs to be completely disassembled and re-do the install. We will schedule a time to come and check your pool table over to determine what all is required.

Our Level Guarantee applies if we completely disassemble the table and  re-do the install.

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cushion replacement

Dead rail cushions severely hamper proper pool table play. Even if just one rail is dead all 6 cushions will need replaced for uniformity. Due to the mess created from removing the old cushions plus the adhesive dry time requirement, we will remove the rails from your table and replace the cushions at our shop. We use a quality BCA approved cushion with a lifetime warranty. Minimum 1 week turnaround.

*A complete re-felt will be required.

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Pocket replacement

Leather and plastic pockets will dry up and crack as they age. Our quality pockets from either C.L. Bailey Co or Presidential Billiards will fit most modern pool tables and will dramatically improve the look of your pool table plus also eliminate the hassle of chasing pool balls from dropping to the floor.

Antique pool table pockets are also available.

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