Do you move used pool tables?
~ Yes, in addition to our new CL Bailey and Presidential Billiards pool tables, we happily move 3-piece slate pool tables and provide everything from disassembly and transportation to professional installation at the new location. Our primary service location is Bella Vista to Fayetteville, but we also get to Fort Smith, central and northern Arkansas, eastern Oklahoma and southern Missouri very often.
How many pieces of slate do pool tables have?
~ Almost all furniture style home pool tables have three pieces of slate. Rare exceptions include coin operated pool tables which are one large single piece of slate and a few models from the 1970s also with one piece of slate.
Do pool tables need to be disassembled prior to moving?
~ Absolutely yes! 3-piece slate pool tables are not designed to be moved in one unit. Slate seams will shift, slate could crack. Rails and aprons can break, legs and brackets can get bent. Even if the table is moved safely and without any obvious damage, it will still need to be disassembled to level the table properly, smooth the slate seams and inspect the hardware, wood and slate. Depending on size, pool tables weigh anywhere from 700lbs to over 1,000lbs. It simply isn't safe for people, your floors and walls to move them in one unit.
Does the felt need to be replaced when moving a pool table?
~ If the felt is in good condition and you like the color, then it can be re-used. But if the felt is in obvious poor condition, or you simply don't like the color, then it is the perfect time to replace the felt.
What all do I need to check when looking at used pool tables?
~ Not everything can be seen as far as the entire pool table is concerned, but if the top of the rails are in good condition then it is typically a good sign that the owner took good care of the table or hardly ever played on it. Felt wear should be obvious but is easily changed for us either at the time of the move or down the road. Pockets should also be inspected for cracks in the basket area and will need changed if they appear aged. Rail cushions should be checked by bouncing a ball off several spots of each rail. If needed, new felt, pockets or cushions will add to the overall expense of the pool table. If the rails need new cushions then it will necessitate new felt regardless of the current felt's condition.
Are some brands better than others?
~ Yes, there are vast differences between many manufacturers. It is best to contact us with questions in regards to specific pool tables you may be looking at. This also applies to new pool tables you may be considering from any online vendor.
What size pool table do I need? Will my room accommodate a pool table?
~ It is typically a personal preference in regards to what size pool table you want. They are available in three sizes: 7ft, 8ft and 9ft, depending on model. However, the big question is if your room has the space as they do require quite a bit of room for cue clearance. We will gladly schedule a free appointment to measure your room and go over any obstacles that may impede cue clearance. Shorter cues can be used if your room is just a little short, or there's a minor obstruction.
I, or the seller, have a home sale closing date? Can we schedule around that date?
~ We will accommodate your needs as best as our schedule allows.
My new home won't be ready by the time the seller needs the pool table out. Can we store the table?
~ Yes. It is safe to store a pool table in a non-climate storage for a short period of time. If it needs to be stored for many months then it is recommended to use a climate controlled unit. We can also safely store your pool table for a short time. We can disassemble and transport the pool table to storage as well.
I'm having new flooring installed in my game room. What can I do about my pool table?
Your pool table will need to be disassembled, stored in another room, then re-installed after the new flooring is done. We have accommodated many customers in regards to new flooring.
The pool table will be going on wood, tile, concrete floor. Should I get a rug?
~ A rug is personal preference. We can perfectly level a pool table on any floor surface. If you do want a rug then it is recommended to get a large rug.
Can I move the pool table across the room to clear space for a short time?
~ Absolutely not. Pool tables are not meant to be moved without disassembly, plus our level warranty would no longer be valid. There's also an extremely good chance the slate seams will shift necessitating disassembly to fix it. The legs are also prone to bending and breaking if it is drug across the floor, plus other potential costly damage.
Is slate better than the cheaper alternatives?
~ In every sense of the word, yes! Slate provides for a level pool table which is necessary to play the game properly. Slate pool tables are engineered to support the weight of the slate, versus non-slate pool tables which can easily be bumped around just by leaning on them. Non-slate tables will never be anywhere near level and some of them are not designed for felt replacement, they are a throw away item once the felt is worn. Needless to say, we do not sell or service non-slate pool tables.
Is pool table "felt" actually felt? And what are the differences in felt options?
~ Actually no, for many years now standard pool table felt is a cloth blend of wool and nylon. In the original days of pool tables over 100 years ago they did use a felt surface, but to this day it is still simply referred to as "felt" by most in the industry. Old habits are hard to break!
The standard wool/nylon blend is what is used on most pool tables today and there's a big difference in quality among all the different felt manufacturers. Championship brand felt is the best we've ever seen and continue to use. We do offer two upgrade options to professional grade "speed" felt which is 100% worsted wool and typically used by the billiard enthusiast.
What is the best/recommended felt color?
~ Generally speaking felt color is personal preference. Most customers will match felt color as best as possible to their favorite sports team or other colors in their rec room such as wall, floor, or rug colors. However, for serious pool players, either green or blue are accepted as the best colors to shoot pool.
Why is beeswax the preferred method on the slate seams?
~ Beeswax forces the installer to get the slate seams as smooth as possible by touch, then the beeswax is applied and mostly scraped back off if done correctly. Other methods such as bondo or plaster allows the installer to cheat the seams and create a bridge of putty that will crack and leave fragments under the felt, and is also quite messy. Beeswax also doesn't adhere the slate to each other as it is very possible the pool table will need to be disassembled at some point in the future.