Aramith Pool balls are the defining standard in the industry and are the chosen brand professional pool players use. There is absolutely no substitute!

With Aramith pool balls you get an unmatched cast phenolic resin process that provides a truly round pool ball and lifetime warranty.


Aramith has the best "burn rates" in the industry. Friction from a pool ball sitting and spinning in one spot heats up where the ball contacts the felt surface. Low burn rates from lesser quality pool balls will cause white spots to appear on your felt from the heat caused by this friction. Felt quality plays a part in this as well, plus the amount of spin, or "english", a player uses. Simply put, Aramith pool balls gives you a lesser chance of leaving burn marks on your table's felt.

Aramith Crown Standard

  • $109.95

Aramith Premier

  • $155.95 

Aramith Stone 

  • $199.95

Aramith Camo

  • $210.95

Super Aramith Pro

  • $285.95


Aramith Tournament

  • $399.95 

Aramith Black.jpg

Aramith Black

  • $399.95 

Economy Set

  • $49.95 

Basic plastic pool ball set.


Bullnose 8-ball/9-ball

  • $24.95 ea.

The most durable wood rack available!

Available in Chestnut, Espresso, Mahogany and Black finishes.


Dowel 8-ball/9-ball

  • $15.95 ea.

Solid upgrade over

traditional plastic racks.

Avaialbe in Chestnut, Espresso, Mahogany and Black finishes.